I went to Haiti on the 15th of February, 2010 to see my family and to investigate the situation there.

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

The deadliest 35 seconds!

I went to Port-Au-Prince today and even CNN could not have prepared me for the reality of what is to be found there. I don't want to write tonight. I actually want to post the pictures but will have to wait until early tomorrow morning in order to get a faster internet connection.

If you don't mind please try something for me. Ask everyone around you to be quiet for 35 seconds and during these 35 seconds of silence imagine the sound of people screaming, imagine you chair shaking violently, imagine the walls all around moving back and forth, imagine wondering where your child, or any loved one is, and imagine your world coming to an end...

To more than 225,000 people in Haiti (and counting) this is how they spent their last 35 seconds.

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  1. This is heartwrenching Ted. I want to ask if you are okay, but how could you be? May God bless you, your family and my Haitian brothers and sisters.
    Take care,